Founded in 2016 by veteran engineers from Vietnam, IOTech loves to work with worldwide partners and eager to bring clients’ ideas into products of superior quality.

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Industrial and Manufacturing

Solutions help enterprise adopters to increase operational efficiency, worker safety, quality control and corporate social responsibility.

Connected manufacturing

Intelligent farming

Agriculture and forestry

Smart transportation

Energy consumption management

Connected logistics

Pollution control

Healthcare and Medicine

Smart devices help care providers increase efficiency through improved diagnostics and monitoring, with tremendous benefits for elderly people, chronic patients and those requiring constant supervision.

Personal healthcare


Treatment and monitoring

Smart organization

Smart Life and Smart Home

Homes get more intelligent as technology enables people to manage home appliances and devices remotely.

Control Consumer electronics





Automotive and Vehicle

Solutions for automotive plants, testing labs and connected vehicles to help clients improve productivity, analytics, driving experience and safety.

Fleet management

Cloud services for vehicles

In-vehicle infotainment

Safety and driving assistance