Founded in 2016 by veteran engineers from Vietnam, IOTech loves to work with worldwide partners and eager to bring clients’ ideas into products of superior quality.

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Embedded Systems Development
We provide comprehensive services to build digital solutions & manage complete product lifecycle.

Our Services


Embedded Linux and Android

We provide end-to-end development and support for Bootloader, device driver, kernel development and root-file system integrations for Android and Linux porting.

Porting Linux OS & Android Firmware to custom hardware platform

Integration of Flash memories NAND and NOR

Developing software for embedded systems

Focus on CPU Architectures ARM and Intel x86

Cross-compile Toolchain, Bootloader, Kernel, Root Filesystem

Integrating new packages in Build System Buildroot, Yocto


Microcontroller Programming

The use of the microcontroller in various fields such as an automobile, aeronautics, space, robotics, electronics, defence application, etc. We provide services for many different Microcontrollers as we have experienced engineers for Microcontroller programming purposes.

MCU Architectures: 8051, AVR, PIC, ARM

RTOS: FreeRTOS, eCos, RTLinux, μClinux, Vxworks

Protocols: Zigbee, Z-Wave, SSH, RFID, Bluetooth, GSM/3G/4G, WIFI, HTTP, MQTT

Serial communications: CAN, I2C, SPI, eSPI, USB

Common memories: SRAM, DRAM, NVRAM, Masked ROM, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash

Sensors: Acoustic, Automotive, Chemical, Environment, Optical, Pressure, Thermal, Speed


Electronic Engineering

Hardware design is a process that requires complexity from the requirements, trial to production. They require high precision, compliance to stringent procedures so we constantly improve and research to bring good products to customers.
We may provide support in supervising the production process with the manufacturer of the client’s choice

Electronic Schematic Design

Electronic Prototyping


Multiple Layers Rigid & Flexible


Industrial Design

Our experts bring together a deep understanding of your business challenges, product requirements, latest methodologies, technologies and materials, customer use specifications, and cost objectives to accompany you through your entire product design, industrial & product development process

Modelling and Prototyping

Drawing 2D & 3D

Components and Materials Suitable

3D Printing

CNC Open Mould

Computer program coding on screen

Software OutSourcing Services

We build mobile apps, web solutions, and visual interfaces for embedded devices with an eye towards a rewarding and productive user experience. To achieve these goals, we incorporate such essential system properties as clarity, intuitiveness, interactivity, and responsiveness.
We’ll create a powerful brain to serve the needs of web, mobile, desktop and connected endpoints on the frontline of your system.

Front-End Development

Back-End Web Development

RESTful API Gateways for Mobile

Back-End Connectors for M2M/IoT

Engagement Models

Great Work Needs Great Talent, Skills And Best Fit Engagement Model.

Fixed Price

Fixing the price is about fixing the scope, project requirements, as well as deadlines. This model will never work without thorough initial planning, estimation, and analysis sessions

Build Operate Transfer

The BOT Model has many benefits, you’ll discover greater flexibility, lower risks, lower costs, and a faster time to market.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated team means extension of the client’s team with the offshore specialists. It will work well for a long-standing relationship and long-term projects

Time & Material

A cost-effective model where the amount of money you spend corresponds to the amount of work delivered.

MVP Services Offering

Several of our projects start as MVPs. We follow lean product development approach with 6-12 weeks timelines to identify and develop the MUST have solution which can be launched to solve one problem and generate traction.

Proof of Concept (POC)

Verify a certain concept or theory that can be achieved in development


Will trigger new ideas and confirm which direction to take with development

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

MVP is a minimal form of complete product that is tested in the market

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